SNOW Report! CEO Edition, November 2020

Limited Edition! Presenting the Winter Update, November 2020 – CEO Edition & Press Release

What’s Inside? Here are the Desk items of Michelle Snow, Platinum Connect & Vision to Performance Coach!

 – 1. Goodbye Career Coach on Duty!

 – 2. Recognitions & Brand News

 – 3. Speaker Dates

 – 4. Neighborhood, Community, Clients & You

  1. Goodbye…

Ten years ago upon being diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I imagined the possibility that I could work for myself, perhaps run a company. I piloted a concept before being flat on my back, disabled, wondering how long I could continue holding on to faith while in chronic pain; mom coming home night after night bathing me; granny giving me meals, yet while my church family prayed. I was grateful for so much love and support, but I was miserable!

Recognizing that my true misery was actually anger, bitterness and living beneath my purpose, I repented. Upon God’s forgiveness then healing I went back to work…seemingly a dream job. While in the parking lot on a rainy day in 5 inch heels I fell on my back. I laid there thinking “what am I doing”. After agonizing with no one in sight, I decided, I’m done. I can be more fulfilled and effective if I started a firm.

February ’21 the Michelle Snow brand & affiliates will be Eight (8) years old. Eight represents New Beginnings. I thank the “Career Coach on Duty” for her courageous strength, stubbornness, and ability to rise from ashes. She was absolutely necessary. While my services will remain the same, they will certainly be more dynamic. Please allow me to introduce to you…

Platinum Connect & Vision to Performance Coach! (see promo above)

2. Recognition…

GRANT RECIPIENT: The real story is sometimes those mistakes, late nights, long days while still trying to be human reward you. Thank you Francine Parham and Anouare Abdou for making my first article in The Ladders a success. I speak candidly about the Fast Track for Women in Corporate Industries. It was refreshing to speak with authenticity and out-of-the box conversation. Towanda R. Livingston was the first to share the article! #togetherweachievemore


We received recognition by the Coalition To Back Black Businesses supported by American Express for their 2020 Grant Award! Thank you for recognizing the work we did through our most turbulent times of the pandemic and our vision to thrive forward. #PeopleAdvocate

God bless you to our sincere supporters who relentlessly show your celebration and share resources for the good of those we serve. #BiggerThanMe


SUCCESS CONFERENCE: People First! When I worked directly in Corporate, a former department director of the corporate human resources team told me, “we’re not going to work out. You are focused on people, I’m focused on systems.” Well she was right! I was laid off and my job was handed over with a great new title to someone who couldn’t do the job, lol!!! 😃

Now that I’ve grown and launched a company, I do appreciate the critical need for systems. This growth is the corner stone for our ability to successfully serve teams and individuals in government, corporations, schools and other industries. HOWEVER, People Are Still My Priority! Our clients are unique, powerful, brilliant and precious cargo. As a leader it is my responsibility to be relentlessly sensitive to the specific needs of each of you.

Thank you to the Success Women’s Conference for recognizing our value. I am elated to accept your nomination as a 2020 National Top Influencer.


THE C.A.L.M. CENTER RECOGNITION: Michelle Snow was recognized for the 2021 Calendar Spotlight. The Creative Arts Lounge and Media Center (The C.A.L.M. Center) is a nonprofit art and media educational center which was developed for the underprivileged and at-risk students of Philadelphia. The C.A.L.M. Center is intended to bridge the gap between art and technology on the path of entrepreneurship. The vision is to be the gap filler that enhances artistic abilities for underprivileged students in preparation for job placement and entrepreneurship. Its Goal is to combat dropout and unemployment rates and prepare children and families for job placement. The organization is managed and presented by Founder, Mr. Wesley Brown.


3. Speaker Time! Believe, Build, Brand

We are incredibly proud of the Brand-Mogul Mr. PJ Owens. I’m honored to join you as a feature presenter. Here’s more about his work at Muse Branding & Development. ”

We brand from the inside out! Our mission is to invoke passion, sharpen brands, enhance your customer’s experiences, and cultivate your brand’s story. We are a group of brand specialists, all in our designated fields, committed to illuminating and strengthening our clients’ luxury and/or creative brands. We accomplish this through the means of brand inventories & uniquely crafted plans of action to ensure sustainability and longevity. MUSE will not only map the building blocks of your vision, but also identify and bridge any gaps. Whether you want to establish your signature brand, or take your brand from PHENOMENAL to LEGENDARY, MUSE is equipped to meet your Branding & development needs.”\ https://www.musebrandingagency.com/about-us/



POWER WOMAN: Seun Akinlotan. “I’m an Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author, and founder of Onpoint Success and Onpoint Small Business Success (OSBS). Growing up in a family of four (4) girls in Rock City, I saw firsthand how people live below their capacity because they had no one to put them through. I made up my mind that I would do something about it when I have the opportunity. In 2015, I decided to start helping women monetize their skills while also living their best life!”

4. Neighborhood Notices…

*** IRS SPECIAL ALERT *** DEADLINE: IRS e-File Shutdown for Individual Returns – November 21, 2020

The IRS has announced that the 1040 e-file system will be taken off-line to perform annual system maintenance in preparation for the upcoming filing season. This means…

The last day in 2020 to e-file 2019 Federal and State Individual tax returns is Saturday, November 21, 2020. Note: e-Filing for the tax year 2017 individual returns ends for good on November 21, 2020. You may transmit returns until 11:55 pm ET on November 21, 2020. The IRS cutoff time is 11:59 pm ET. 

If you or someone you know has not yet filed their 2017, 2018, or 2019 returns, please share this notice with them so they can be in compliance with tax laws and get their Return(s) electronically filed before the shut-down date of Saturday, November 21, 2020.

The IRS has not yet released the shutdown schedule for business returns; however, an announcement with the dates and times is expected in early December, 2020.

From the Office of Jackson Gaines: Memberships & Affiliations: National Assoc. of Enrolled Agents, National Assoc. of Tax Professionals, IRS Advisory Council (Past), National Society of Accountants, Allegheny County Bar Association, American Bar Association.
355 5th Avenue, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 / Ph: 412.224.4022 / jacksongaines.com


  • FELICIA: Presenting a Philadelphia True Trailblazer who recently went Global, please join Felicia Spivey Shanken’s initiative. Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection, LLC (PWNC) is about helping local business women build their business, connect with like minded individuals and benefit from shared resources.
The Problem

Due to COVID-19, like many businesses, ACCT Philly felt the impact financially. The city cut their contract by almost $900,000, nearly 20 percent of their annual budget. As you can imagine, this has had a huge impact on the organization. Continuous funds are needed so they can allocate to areas that are needed the most at the facility. Please click below:



  • Find Harmony Here! Ask Joyel Crawford Persofsky about the next Intuit QuickBooks Connect Virtual Event on November 18th at 1:15pm ET. She’ll be presenting: Breaking Balance: How to Find Harmony in Your Work and Life Register here: https://lnkd.in/et3YFzx


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WOOHOO! You Experienced My Desk! Well at the least a corner of it 😉 #GrowTogether

Thank you for visiting! The November, 2020 “CEO Edition” What’s On My Desk! Have an amazing month!

Full Contact:

Michelle Snow, President & Executive Consultant
Platinum Connect & Vision to Performance Coach!
1500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19102
https://growwithsnow.com/ / Michelle@growwithsnow.com


The Michelle Snow Network ***FREE Group***


We Post Grants, Loans & Resources Daily. Follow Towanda Livingston, Business News Correspondent.


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