Overcoming Pandemic Disappointment


It’s The SNOW Report! Here’s What’s Inside:

1. Section One: 2019 Reflections to 2020 Vision
2. Section Two: Aftermath! Insurance is Not Magic by Dr. Outterbridge
3. Section Three: Events & Activities
4. Section Four: Affiliates
5. Section Five: Faith Partners
6. Section Six: The Social Survey
7. Section Seven: Everything Else and Contact Us!

1. Section One: 2019 Reflections

What the What??? Testing Sites, Civil Unrest, Protests or some describe this moment in time as The Revolution! When we (U.S. Residents) received the news that overseas countries were spreading a new virus, we watched and continued with our busy bustling complex over zealous lifestyles. Many of us along with neighboring nations said, “WOW, that’s awful” as we sipped $5 whipped coffee, worked our small business, drank wine, danced at church, complained about an incompetent boss or loathed over dinner about a co-worker.

Press Release Michelle Snow 5.21.2020

BAAM! Covid-19, Doors Shut! We call it “new normal”. Welcome to the 2020 Vision that NO ONE saw! I chatted with my aunt recently. I said that many of my colleagues stormed into 2020 with a one-track vision. SUCCESS! The year 2019 was recorded as an outrageously challenging year. Many friends faced multiple losses, financial hardships, and social media told the stories of our friends facing mental trauma, self-diagnosis, and break-ups.

Do you remember the relentless chatter that had us consumed? You know, The Cheese Challenge, The Mueller Report, College-Gate Scandal, The Movie “Cats”, or how about the Facebook App that purposely aged you. Oh yes, these glorious moments of anxiety, gossip, and un-calculated time management were our BIG issues.



* Section Two: Aftermath – Insurance is Not Magic by Dr. Outterbridge

Wadsworth National Guard 1

Now that we face the aftermath of the shock and devastation due to the unnecessary loss of black lives, now we mourn, reflect, stand-up and rebuild. As we walk through what was once peaceful neighborhoods, we now meet troops kneeling on our street corners.

Many non-business citizens have continuously stated and shared this sentiment all throughout social media concerning small and large businesses who endured property, store, inventory or business loss. Some carelessly say “they have insurance”. In an effort to dispel the myth that Insurance is Magic, I’ve asked an expert for assistance.

Urgent Trending Topic: “Insurance is NOT Magic” – Dr. Charlene Outterbridge, Business Owner, Pastor, and Property Owner – People’s Choice Insurance

Many people tend to believe Insurance works like a magic wand. Something happens, you report the claim and suddenly a check shows up in your mailbox to cover everything. Well, I am here to dispel that myth. Yes, insurance by definition is arrangement by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified damages and/or loss. It’s simply something we do to transfer the risk we take to someone else. However, there are several factors that have to take place in order to report an Insurance Claim successfully (especially now with all of the vandalism, looting, etc). Please keep in mind there is no standard reporting, each company has their own way in which they receive and process claims.
Insurance is not Magic nor Instantaneous! Filing an insurance claim can be time and financially consuming. Please consider these factors:
1. Timely reporting is key! If you delay reporting, you could cause a delay in the process, create a risk of further damage and thereby prejudice the review by the insurance company.
2. Record the damage! Get a police/ fire report which is known to be time consuming and frustrating. Unfortunately, in these circumstances your proof of a claim sometimes get damaged in the process, especially in the case of fire damages.
3. The Business Owner must take steps to secure their property from further loss which includes more out of pocket money and expenses. If the tenant is renting the property, you may have to depend on the landlord to secure or remove your belongings. This can lead to more time, energy, money, and expenses.
4. Estimates are critical and necessary. Get Estimates for permanent repairs which takes time which overhead may continue to roar.
Looting Hand
5. Review your policy coverage! Your policy may NOT include Vandalism, Mischief and Maliciousness. Your policy may require that you have to purchase these as additional options.
6. Claims may be denied based on several provisions i.e – Negligence: if you left the gate(s) up as a usual practice never expecting sudden looting to happen.
Other Factors:
So many businesses were shut down by government regulations, therefore they are not bringing in any income. Their insurance may have lapsed. With no insurance this means out of pocket money.
Insurance policies have deductibles: Usually $1,000 to $2,500 for a business. If the damage is lower than the deductible this means more out of pocket money.
If the business had prior claims, they face the risk of being dropped, higher premiums, harder to insure (even if it is no fault of their own).
And this is not all! I hope this little snapshot of what a business could face helps you better understand that Insurance is NOT Magic. So, yes we hope you feel compassionate about the fact that businesses are being greatly impacted by this crisis. Some will no longer be able to open their business doors ever again. Sad but true!
Dr. Charlene Outterbridge, Principal – People’s Choice Insurances
Writer Expert

* Section Three: Events & Activities

Juneteenth Flyer 2020
Nevertheless, in the midst of the pain and lifestyle changes, we must go on. The pause button isn’t one-size-fits all. Here are some quality resources for your benefit.
 – Philadelphia Juneteenth Virtual Edition

* Section Four: Affiliates
AFFILIATES: (SNOW 100 / Michelle Snow Network Supporters)
 – JCWCC – Get Your Chromebook! Google Affiliate
 – Minuteman Press, Philadelphia and Bala Cynwyd
Joel Wilson JCW Chrome Promo

* Section Five: Faith Partners
NEED PRAYER? Here Are Our Core Faith Partners:
1. Southern Baptist Church – Pastor Keith Pelzer / Lady Bertina Pelzer
2. Open Hearth Church – Pastor Christopher Robert Hanna
3. Dream Makers – Dr. Bryant Lee Phillips
We also recognize the grassroots boots on the ground incredible effort of Pastor Revered Alyn E. Waller of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, and Pastor Lonnie Herndon of The Church of Christian Compassion for your fight, service and ministry throughout this entire pandemic. Well Done Gentlemen, Well Done!

* Section Six: The Survey

We served an open social survey on our Facebook Platform to learn more about how our neighbors were coping with Covid-19. The results were random from participants averaging ages 35 to 65, Black, dominantly female with some male participation during the months of March, April and May 2020.
 – Coffee Comfort – Most participants are no longer driving to fast-food chains for a daily cup of black gold, i.e. Coffee. Participants are buying coffee grinds from the super market or ordering specialty gourmet coffee grinds online to make coffee fresh from home daily. Some shared that brewing from home is becoming somewhat both a hobby and a form of self-care. Pastor Keith Pelzer created a home talk show “Koffee with Keith”.
 – Fighting With Hot Tea – Average consumption was two to three cups a day at the peak of the corona virus (March and early April 2020). Participants were in constant fear of catching the corona virus. Tea became their weapon of choice.
 – Who’s Kissing – We asked couples if they are still kissing during the Covid-19 peak outbreak. Most chuckled at the question. Many ladies noted that their spouse/partner were not compromising. The men were quoted, “I’m not quarantining at home”. So it sounds like most couples were giving or getting a little extra “loving”. However, there were a few rebels that were defiant. They said they were ABSOLUTELY NOT kissing under any circumstances. We also found that Single Women remained single. Live in-person dating was not an option as singles were concerned about their personal health and the risk of tracking corona virus into their homes and the lives of their children.
 – 24 Hour House Trap – Wives chimed in to tell us if they were pleased (during the Red Phase of the pandemic) to be home all-day and all-night with their husbands. We are not confident we received 100% accuracy in feedback. Many wives exclaimed that they loved being home “House Trapped” with hubby. Other wives had mixed reactions. Some stated that they wanted hubby out! Too much close contact all the time was exhausting. Some wives simple stated, I like it sometimes, and sometimes I don’t.
 – Radio Station – Is anyone listening…to the radio? Well, even though the internet exceeds ratings in most categories, we found that our participants are still radio friendly. Their habits changed slightly as most shared that they prefer to listen while driving or in route to or from work. Others still find time to listen to their favorite radio stations. Some of our Philadelphia participants mentioned NPR, KYW, WDAS, WURD, Radio One Stations. I’ll add to the pot that I sometimes listen to K-Love while driving.
 – Virtual Church – We had a little fun by asking our participants about their virtual church service experience. Traditionally in high-spirited churches, congregants experience the excitement of bold sound, shouts, and the organ. We asked participants if they still wanted the preacher to holler and shout if there was no music or organ. Unfortunately, folks were either too shy to talk about their church openly or the question made them ponder beyond a Facebook moment. The question was “Is it ok for your pastor to scream at your phone during church now? #VirtualChurch #NoOrgan” – Most participants were fine with whatever style their preacher chose and simply laughed at the question.

* Section Seven: Everything Else

Tank Phillips 1
June is Wellness Month! Check out “Tank Phillips”
Grab those 30’s! Don’t be afraid to pick up heavy things. Lifting weights is one of the better things you can do to strengthen your muscles and improve your body composition. It also leads to improved insulin sensitivity and massive improvements in metabolic health. The best approach is to lift weights regularly, however body weight exercises can be effective as well. Tank the Trainer, The T.A.N.K. System
Great Resources! Business, Entrepreneurs and Leaders:
Ready to join the thousands of organizations changing the world on GlobalGiving? Submit your application by July 31, 2020 to participate in the September 2020 Accelerator. Apply here: https://www.globalgiving.org/dy/v2/pe/application/start.html
What’s the GlobalGiving Accelerator?
The GlobalGiving Accelerator is an opportunity for you and your organization to build skills, access tools, and grow your base of supporters to achieve crowdfunding success. When you graduate, your organization becomes a permanent member of GlobalGiving, and you’ll have access to all the tools, training, and one-on-one support available in the GlobalGiving community. For more information: https://www.globalgiving.org/accelerator/?ref_learn_emailsample
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SNOW Cash!
We provide micro-cash awards to incredible leaders doing extraordinary work despite the hardship of the current pandemic. Congratulations Dr. Kia Everett!
SNOW Cash Kia Everett
8 May
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